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Just because it’s Saturday, Yayyy!! We thought to share some quirky tech facts you may not know. We can’t point out why we find No 4 very amusing. Check the list out for yourself and let us know what you think:

  • PCs went by the name “Electronic Brains” in the 1950s.

  • Email has been around longer than the World Wide Web.
  • HP, Google, Microsoft, and Apple have just one thing in common, other than the fact that they are IT companies. They were all started in garages.
  • Bill Gates’ house was designed using a Mac computer.

  • There are approximately 6000 new viruses released every month.
  • Computer programming is currently one of the fastest growing occupations related to technology.
  • 28% of IT professionals hide their career from friends and family to get out of giving free tech support.
  • The 30thof November is known as “Computer Security Day”.

  • Technophobia is the fear of technology, Nomophobia is the fear of being without a mobile phone, Cyberphobia is the fear of computers.
  • The original name of Windows was Interface Manager.
  • Changing fonts can save printer ink
  • Email existed before the World Wide Web
  • QWERTY was designed to slow you down

  • Domain name registrations were free till 1995
  •  Formerly the Android Operating System wasn’t created for the smartphone market; it was actually designed as a digital camera platform.
  • The original URL of Yahoo was

  • Industry Giants like Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Twitter, are all powered by Linux. It is true that Linux is not so common Operating System among the usual customers. But, Linux heads the Industry.
  • At 3:15 pm the day Michael Jackson died Twitter, Wikipedia, and AOL IM all crashed.
  • was earlier known as

  • PayPal, with its original business model, was voted top ten worst business ideas in 1999. As of 2016, they are of the US $10.84 billion business.
  • The first alarm clock was designed for one person and could only go off at 4 am – when they had to get up and get ready for work. An adjustable alarm clock was not created for another 60 years.
  • Around the year 1500, Leonardo da Vinci sketched plans for a robot.

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