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5 Appliances You Need in Your Home

So let’s talk about your household appliances for a bit… are you still boiling water on your gas cooker or worse, ironing your expensive clothes with that old pressing iron that your father passed down to you?

This is 2018 and appliances that do not make your life easier and faster have no place in your home. This is a fact, especially if you live in a metropolitan city like Lagos where you can get so busy with work that you barely have time for any house chores or cooking. So, the little time you have to do these things, you need machines that make the process faster for you. So here are the top 5 household appliances that your home needs now!

1, Electric Kettle

This is an essential for every home. Every family needs hot water on demand for a nice cup of tea or coffee or to make eba if you are downlow like me. The electric kettle heats up water up to 100 centigrade and kills 98% of all germs just by boiling the water so it does not just make life easy for you, it is a healthier option that other sources of hot or warm water.


2, Dry Iron

Come on… who goes to the office looking like they just got out of Sambisa forest? You need this! We all do. The dry iron is an inexpensive way to make your outfits stand out and look better fitted on you. If you’re a DIY person like me and like to do your laundry yourself, this should be your new best friend. Easy to use and maintain, the dry iron helps keep your clothes lasting for much longer. Get it today.


3, Philips Sandwich Maker

Those of you who detest dipping your bread into your tea like I do will value this next appliance – The Sandwich Maker. Not every time dry bread and tea sometimes have a sandwich and treat yourself to the best ways to eat bread. If you do not like to clean and wipe sandwich makers because of the mess that can come with it, this is the appliance for you to buy. It’s really easy to clean because of the plastic body so oils and dirt do not stick to the body like others. Have a fancy brunch with your friends and serve them some nice sandwiches today!


4, Philips Pop Up Toaster

The half-brother of the sandwich maker, this I believe is another essential of every home. There is this conception about being posh to be able to have nice sandwiches or toast and nothing could be farther from the truth. Retailing at about 6,000 naira, the Philips pop up toaster is quite affordable for the tasks it carries out. Very easy to use and energy efficient, this will make it easy to prepare Sunday breakfast or lunch at school for the kids. Whatever your needs, this appliance is sure to serve you.


5, Philips Hairdryer

To the ladies out there, you are not left out. I do not know any lady including team natural hair that does not wash and dry their hair. This hairdryer gives you that convenience to dry your hair by yourself at your own time without stress. It is unimaginable having to wash your hair at an emergency and you can’t because you do not own a dryer to finish up the nice work of washing your hair. Shop for the latest Philips hair dryer from us at @Dreamworks and get the best prices and most authentic products today!

These are suggestions of what you just have to own in your home. For a broader view of other appliances that can put the H in Home for you, check out our website for the very latest in Philips and Xtouch appliances.

Or you can come down to any of our retail stores and pay us a visit… we would be happy to have you.

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Or reach out to us for a chat on 08027677662, 09029287360

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