Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on part replacement

No warranty, as customer’s usage of part can not be monitored.

Where do you get your parts from

We get our parts from OEM and trusted partners.

Your CCTV Installation, how long does it take

It takes 24/48hrs to complete installations depending on the size of the project.

Is there a warranty after installation

There is 3 months free maintenance services.

Is there a warranty on crack/broken part of the system

No warranty on physical damage.

Delivery and Returns

Pick and delivery is free in selected locations in Lagos. Products returned as Done On Arrival (DOA) within 24hrs of purchase replacement is done for the customer, but where return is done after months of purchase we give customers warranty support by diagnosing the device within 48/72hrs after which device would be fixed and returned to customers.

Terms & Conditions

Devices returned for warranty support must not have physical damage and must not have been tampered with or unscrewed before return, otherwise it would be treated as a PAID SERVICE. For devices returned within 24hrs as DOA, it must be returned in complete carton and accessories.