Binatone Tower Fan TF-5000M – Black

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Binatone Tower Fan TF-5000M

First Ever 2-in-1 Tower Fan with Digital Music System! Stay cool & Dance!

How about a music fan? It may sound improbable but that is what seems to be on offer from Binatone the manufacturer in their model of Tower Fan TF-5000M. The fan can be best described as a 2-in-1 device that has an inbuilt digital music console. Thus playing music is a breeze either be through Bluetooth or a USB device and even Micro SD cards. A separate 3.5 MM AUX input is also provided to plug in that external stereo. The remote control of the fan comes handy in putting the music system in the on/off mode, the selection of songs and adjustment of the volume bar. Mobile devices now have another charging source as the fan have a USB port reserved for it.

  • Play music using Bluetooth, 3.5MM AUX input, USB & through Micro SD card
  • Remote control (On/Off music system, Mode selection, Volume adjustment, Song selection)
  • USB for charging mobile
  • Super Quiet 3 Speed Fan with Strong Air-Flow
  • Oscillation to cover wide angle
  • Air-Vent with up/down directions
  • 60 Minutes Timer
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