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  • 500mAh Lithium Battery
  • 5 in 1 Perfect Multigroomer
  • Ergonomic and Comfortable Hand grip


Bamba PrecisionCare TwistGroom

Multifunctional 5-in-1 shaver BAMBA PRECISIONCARE TWISTGROOM with lithium battery, stainless-steel blades, LED indicator and waterproof.

  • 5 in 1. Perfect multigroomer to remove all hair, from face to body, thanks to its different heads and attachments. It includes a 3-blade shaving head, a nose and ear trimmer head, a body-shave head, a guide for adjusting cut height and a body shaver with protection for sensitive skins.
  • PrecisionCare TwistGroom is waterproof. It is designed with IPX5 for an easier cleaning of the device under running water.
  • PrecisionCare TwistGroom includes a 500mAh lithium battery that allows a 90-minutes continuous operating with just one 120-minute charge.
  • Includes a rotary trimmer head that adapts to all facial contours, resulting in skin-close and effective shaving.
  • Includes body-shaving head with a silicone strip to protect the most sensitive skins.
  • It features operation and charge LED indicator for you to know easily when your PrecisionCare TwistGroom is ready to use.
  • Steel blades with long-lasting sharpness and highly resistant. Forget about hair pulling.
  • Its body and attachments are waterproof; therefore, you can enjoy an easy and simple cleaning and maintenance.
  • It includes different attachments to remove hair from head to toes: a rotary head with 3 rings, a 0.5-mm precision trimmer, a comb that can be adjusted from 1 mm to 10 mm, a body shaver with silicone protection and ear and nose trimmer.
  • It can be used cordless for an easier and more comfortable use, avoiding cable tangling and offering freedom of movement.
  • It includes a useful storage base to store all the accessories. This base also allows a much more comfortable charging and avoid possible falls. Adapter, oil bottle and cleaning brush.


nose-ear head:  Yes

precision shaver:  Yes

head detail   

cutting guide combs   

body shave head:  Yes

corded use:     

cordless use:  Yes


LED indicators:  Yes

security lock:  Yes

storage base:  Yes

Travel bag:  Yes

Autonomy:  90 minutes

Facial Maker:  Yes

Weight:  0.17

Head:  Rotativo 3D

Adjustable penalty:  1 mm - 10 mm

Waterproof:  IPX5 - Washable heads

Color:  Black-Grey

Accessories:  5

Loading time:  120 minutes

Coating:    -

Measurements (width x length x height)


Material:  Stainless steel

Voltage:  100-240 V~

Frequency:  50/60 Hz

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