Binatone Pressure Cooker PC-9001


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Binatone Pressure Cooker PC-9001

The pressure cooker 9001 is a necessity for all those who are looking to cook healthy food for themselves and their families, without spending hours and hours in the kitchen. The pressure cooker 9001 with its total capacity of 9 litres is here to do just that. It comes with extra durable Bakelite handles, and a super sturdy base for long term use. It also comes with a variety of necessary safety features namely: pressure regulator, spring safety valve, metallic safety valve, gasket release system, as well as double locking system to avoid overcooking and overflows.

  • Speedy health cooking – time saver
  • Heavy – duty durable base
  • Bakelite handles
  • Built with 5 safety features
    – Pressure regulator
    – Spring safety valve
    – Metallic safety valve
    – Gasket release system
    – Double locking system
  • Capacity Available 9L
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