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  • 1 Horse Power (HP)
  • Copper Condenser
  • R410 Gas


This Hisense 1HP Split Art AC unit comes in a sleek design. The color is perfect for wherever you choose to mount it.

The Hisense 1HP Split Air Conditioner Unit -ART BLMRAS(AS09TFB) is also energy efficient.
With the low voltage feature, you’re certain to use it on medium-sized generator of any brand in nigeria.

It also comes with a cooling feature that is magnificient, fast, turbo plus enabled.

This home appliance super cools after barely 10-20mins of it being turned on.

This in turn gives the environment a fresh feel and it makes your guest comfortable.

The air flow can be easily adjusted in a way that it doesn’t to blow directly to the human body, which in turn provides healthier airflow and uniform cooling for your home, space etc.

It’s one thing to buy an air condition in nigeria, and it’s another thing to buy one that is noiseless.

This Split 1hp Art Air condition unit is noiseless.

The auto restart function permits an automatic return to previous operating conditions after an unexpected power outage.

This eliminates the hassle of constantly re-setting the unit to your taste.

This hisense split ac unit is fitted with copper. This makes maintenance easy and enhances durability.

You’re entitled to a hisense ac remote control when you purchase this air condition or any other hisense air condition.

Easy! Comfortable!

All hisense appliances are of good quality. It has been able to rival LG Air conditioners when it comes to efficiency, durability etc.

As with other of its products, this appliance comes with a hisense ac manual.

This user manual contains information about specific parts of the appliance, maintenance.

The installation process is made easy and simpler, which in turn saves you the cost of hiring a technician.

All hisense appliances are affordable and perfectly fitted to your budget.

This hisense 1HP split AC unit also comes with a 1 year warranty.

1 Horse Power (HP)
Copper Condenser
R410 Gas
1 Year Warranty
Unique design blends in with any decoration

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