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  • Copper Coil
  • No Installation Kit included
  • Turbo Operation


Hisense SPL 2HP Ac is unarguably the most affordable 2hp split AC in the market. Buying this 2HP Split Ac guarantees you a whole lot of amazing features.

Inside the carton, you stand to get a hisense ac manual to help with easy installation.

It also has a super cooling feature that cools your home environment and makes it very comfortable for inhabitants in the apartment.

It also comes with this easy clean design perfect for your sitting room or bedroom.

There’s a 100% chance your visitors would be amazed by the sleeky look of this powerful 1hp split Ac.

The panels installed are easy to remove therefore making it easy to clean.

Thanks to this, maintenance is made easy.

This air condition unit was designed with a special feature known as de-humidification.

De-humidification helps remove the excess humidity in the air, hence creating a healthier environment for you and your loved ones.

It also comes with Turbo Plus Cooling feature that cools the room faster after barely 45-60mins of turning it on.

The speed at which it cools the environment cannot be replicated by any other Hisense 2HP split AC.

Hisense – as a brand – have been pushing out amazing household appliances – be it Refrigerators, Washers, Air Conditioners, Televisions etc.



Copper Coil
No Installation Kit included
Turbo Operation
LED display on the front panel
12-hour on / off timer
Self-cleaning function


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