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WM 6010 FL

6 KG

Smart Control


Hisense 6 KG Front Loader Washing Machine WM 6010 helps save time and energy, it is an essential product in the home to achieve productivity during chores. This Hisense Front Loader Washing Machine has a 6 kg capacity and is very efficient. It is a front-load washing machine. This Hisense product is energy-saving and spacious, allowing the user to economize time and energy effectively. Its inner tub is spacious which allows for blankets and duvets to fit in. This Hisense washer has a timer that allows you to keep track of the clothes while washing.

Hisense 6 KG Front Loader Washing Machine WM 6010 takes care of basic laundry needs. It makes doing laundry a pleasure rather than an ordinary chore. This product gives the best drying features that give a great washing experience.

Ever started your front load washing machine and forgot a few items. No need to worry about just “Stop and Reload”.  360° Smart Wash Technology automatically measures the weight of your laundry and sets the appropriate washing time. Redistributes your laundry inside the drum to ensure smooth and quiet spin operation. Automatically measures and adjusts the amount of foam build-up during the wash cycle. Too much detergent may create excess foam and leave residue on your clothes.

  • 6 kg Washer Capacity
  • 1000 Rotations Per Minute (RPM) Spin Speed
  • Smart Control
  • Front Loader
  • Silver Color
  • Stainless Steel Drum

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