• Elegant and DurableIntroducing the powerful Maxi Gen Ek20 2Kw/2.5 Kva Gasoline Generator + Key Starter.
    This amazing generator adopts an advanced technology in design and performance peculiar only to the Maxi Brand.We need power to get a lot of activities done at home and in the office.
    It is needed to keep your computers and other hardware needed for business running.
    You need power to pump water, for your washing machine, to iron you clothes and it is also needed in the kitchen.The Maxi Gen Ek20 2Kw/2.5 Kva Gasoline Generator + Key Starter serves to be a reliable generator that ensures effective running of you home and office appliances.

    The Maxi Gen Ek20 2Kw/2.5 Kva Gasoline Generator + Key Starter is a 2.5kva Generator that ensures maximum efficiency for your appliances and tools providing performance for your home or large business.
    It is cost effective and gives you value for your money, it is also very easy to maintain.

    It features a 15 L FUEL TANK CAPACITY that makes it possible to use the generator for a very long period without interruptions.
    It is fuel efficient hence saving you more money and it produces less carbon dioxide, this makes it safer for you, your family and the environment.