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Line Interactive UPS topology includes technology that enables the UPS to interact with incoming AC voltage and correct minor voltage fluctuations without switching to battery.  This extends the life of the battery and is essential in areas where frequent power fluctuations are common.  The MercuryUPS 1050VA Maverick Line Interactive UPS  ideal for Personal Computers and Electrical Equipment.  Protects from damage, downtime, and data loss. The advanced design Mercury Maverick 1050 UPS model is here and those who want top performance have a product worth their money in the Maverick UPS.
Whether its computers, printers and other office devices or your delicate home appliance, the Mercury Maverick range of UPS will offer the power back and equipment protection your sensitive devices require.This Mercury UPS with AVR function and high performance efficiency is the right UPS backup for your delicate appliances, as it delivers uninterruptible power supply as well as AVR protection.Mercury is a long-known, widely used UPS brand and the new Maverick model features its latest improvements, designed to serve users’ best power backup demands.
Some of it’s features are: Excellent microprocessor control for Super PerformanceIntelligent battery management for Longer Battery LifeComprehensive and reliable protection to Safeguard Your EquipmentBoost and buck AVR for voltage stabilizationBuilt-in super-fast charger that shortens charging timeOff mode charging functionOptional no-load shutdownBuilt-in self-diagnostic functionAuto restart while AC is recoveringPower-on self-testSinewave Power OutputHumanized Alarm SystemLine Interactive

  • Optional no-load shutdown
  • Built-in self-diagnostic function
  • Auto restart while AC is recovering
  • Power-on self-test
  • Sinewave Power Output
  • Line Mode: Green lighting

    – Battery Mode :Yellow flashing

    – Fault: Red Lighting

    Audible Alarm:

    – Battery Mode: Sounding every 10 sec

    Battery low :Sounding every 1 sec

    Overload : Sounding every 0.5 sec

    Fault: Continuous sounding Environment:

    Humidity 0-90% relative Humidity 0-40°C (Non-condensing

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