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  • Dynamic Light Control
  • Rich Color Enhancer
  • Quick Start and Quick Off


SOLID SHINE Laser: Ideal for Education and Business. Big, bold, pin-sharp images don’t fade away fast with SOLID SHINE Laser.

In fact, image quality and endurance far outstrip that of competitive lamp-based projectors, with almost no maintenance required. Add a suite of features that makes daily operation a breeze and you start to get the picture: the PT-RZ570 Series is a smart choice for beautiful images in classrooms, boardrooms, or office meeting spaces.


SOLID SHINE Laser is Enhanced with the Latest DLP Technology
Together with the latest DLP module for detailed WUXGA resolution and new-generation solid-state laser diodes for high brightness, PT-RZ570 Series’ outstanding performance stems from a four-segment Quartet Color Harmonizer color wheel that reduces energy loss from the light source, an all-new heat-resistant phosphor wheel and an optimized laser drive system to boost perceived brightness and improve color accuracy.

Natural White Balance
Quartet Color Harmonizer captures a wider section of the color gamut than comparable projectors, which in turn allows white to be reproduced realistically on screen. In conventional projectors, if an ideal white balance isn’t achieved, images can appear with a distracting greenish tint.

Laser Module Maintains Picture Quality for Longer
Thanks to the long-lasting laser light-source module, there are no lamps to replace and image color and brightness degrade more gradually and in a linear rather than exponential fashion. As well as reducing maintenance hassle, high picture quality is maintained for longer.

Rich Color Enhancer
Rich Color Enhancer offers a Dynamic Mode setting to increase image brightness or Graphic Mode/Standard Mode, which adjusts color-wheel timing to produce deeper, richer colors in rooms where maximum brightness is unnecessary.

Safety Guaranteed
Panasonic laser light is no more harmful to eyesight than a regular lamp-based projector, as a diffusing lens reduces beam energy concentration. Accidental direct exposure to will not result in damage to eyesight.

Dynamic Light Control
The PT-RZ570 Series projector directly modulates laser power output to enable high contrast while reducing power consumption. Digitally controlled frame-by-frame scene-linking modulation ensures precise light output adjustment and accurate 20,000:1 contrast is achieved even when bright and dark scenes suddenly or frequently interchange.

Detail Clarity Processor 3 Sharpens Fine Details
This unique Panasonic circuit optimizes the sharpness of each image based on the super high, high, medium and low frequency components of the extracted image information. Resulting pictures are expressed with natural realism.

Dust-Resistant Airtight Optical Block
PT-RZ570 Series’ optical block the heart of these projectors is airtight. The design has passed stringent testing to assure reliable operation in dusty environments with 0.15 mg of particulate matter per cubic meter (based on American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers [ASHRAE] and Japanese Building Maintenance Association guidelines). The structure prevents brightness degradation from dust intrusion. PT-RZ570 Series ensures consistent and long-lasting image quality for up to 20,000 hours without maintenance.

Efficient Cooling System
Heat-pipe cooling for the laser light source and a heavy-duty heat sink for the DMD module keep images crisp and bright while reducing fan speed, lowering noise levels and preventing distractions in quiet classrooms.

Wide-Range 2.0x Zoom and Lens Shift
The inclusion of a versatile 2x zoom and joystick-operated wide-range lens shift grants flexibility for installation in different rooms and for projection on different screen sizes. To produce a 100-inch-diagonal wide-screen image, projection distance extends from approximately 3.3 m (10.8 ft) to approximately 6.7 m (22.0 ft).

Single-Cable DIGITAL LINK Control and Video Connection
DIGITAL LINK supports transmission of uncompressed Full HD video, audio and control commands through a single CAT 5e or higher STP cable for distances of up to 150 m (492 ft). Add an optional DIGITAL LINK Switcher or Digital Interface Box to further simplify installation in large venues while reducing cost and improving reliability at the same time.

Quick Start and Quick Off
The laser light source does not require any warm-up time, so images appear almost instantly (about one second) with PT-RZ570 Series projectors. There’s also no cooling time required when turning the power off. Users can turn the projector on and off immediately as many times as necessary.

Screen Adjustment for Specially Shaped Screens
Horizontal, vertical and corner keystone correction adjusts the image shape for clear visibility when projecting off-axis or from an unusual angle. Curved Screen Correction allows for the projection of natural, distortion-free images onto curved or cylindrical surfaces.

Free 360-degree Rotation
Projection is possible in any orientation vertically and horizontally and the unit can be rotated 360 degrees for installation at any angle.

Edge Blending and Color Matching
Adjoining edges in a multi-screen system can be blended to create a smooth and seamless image. Slight variations in the color reproduction of individual projectors can be corrected in multi-screen applications.

  • Bright, Natural Pictures in WUXGA
  • Anti-Dust Protection
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Quick Start and Quick Off
  • Dynamic Light Control
  • Detail Clarity Processor 3 Sharpens the Finest Details
  • Dustproof Optics Extend Longevity
  • 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio

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