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  • Easily and accurately cut a standard SIM card into micro SIM card.
  • Cutter is made of high quality steel.
  • Cutter comes with 3 free sets of Nano SIM, Micro SIM & SIM card adapters to adapt from Nano to micro/Nano to standard, and micro to standard.
  • Professionally cut your regular sized SIM card or micro SIM to the New Nano SIM for iPhone 5.
  • Easy and accurate operation.
  • Cut your regular SIM to use with latest NANO size and use adapter to use the NANO SIM back in other devices.
  • Cutter core adopts the wire cutting technology to ensure the high precision; it can handle thousands of cuts without any deformation.
  • Simply insert the SIM card into the cutter and press down.

Package Included

1 x SIM Card Cutter
1 x Nano SIM to Micro SIM adapter
1 x Nano SIM to Standard SIM Adapter
1 x Micro SIM to Standard SIM Adapter

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