2 Factor Authentication, do I need it?

2 Factor Authentication, do I need it?

First, what is 2 Factor Authentication?

In layman terms, 2 Factor Authentication or 2FA as you would see on some platforms, is simply adding a second layer of protection to your account, app, or service to support your normal log-in method.

A factor in this context simply means a way to convince a computer system or online service that you are who say you are, so the system can determine if you have the rights to access the data services that you’re trying to access.
Why is this important?

Two factor authentication. Modern technology identity verification. Security code to access financial data online.

There’s an increased encouragement for two-factor authentication by service providers because passwords are becoming less secure for our digital user experience. whether through data breaches or poor user practices.

So what does it take to get 2 Factor Authentication?

Using 2-factor Authentication can significantly boost security for you on your device, apps, or that online service that you engage with.

For most accounts or even devices that you own, You would usually find the two-factor verification option in your account security settings. This usually just means finding your settings options, which is normally straightforward. Most services you log in to will have an option, but here are a few of the more popular services:

You’ll need to both provide a password and prove your identity in some other way to gain access. It often involves receiving a code by SMS to your mobile number, but increasingly apps and services are sending a confirmation number to your device as a notification instead. Sometimes you can just tap the notification to approve the login.

Receiving an SMS code on your Phone for 2FA,

The idea is that you’re adding a confirmatory step to your sign-in attempt. Using the SMS example, it means no one can log into the account in question from a new device, even if they have your password.

When someone tries to log into your account from a new device, or even a new browser, with your password, when they hit “enter” or “submit”, it’ll take them to a new screen asking for a code. This code has been sent to the registered mobile number as an SMS. Some apps that use notifications also send you a code. But increasingly, apps are just sending a notification to your key devices so you can just confirm it was you signing in (in other words, there’s no code)

In the event that someone tries to log into your account with your password, you can be sure they can’t get in without also having your phone which – even if they have – is likely locked and protected behind a password, pattern, or fingerprint scan.

So should authenticate your device and accounts, Yes you should to be doubly sure about your security at any given time.