School year brings a lot of mixed feelings especially with how the previous year 2020 went. But 2021 brings in a breath of fresh air and this means that back-to-school can still be exciting whether we are learning from home or learning from physical classrooms.

Here are 5 fun ideas you can try for back to school:

1 . Retail Therapy

This is definitely top on our list because nothing screams a new school season better than new school supplies. So from clothes, getting all their new stationery, school bags, Gadgets, lunch bags, accessories can be the epitome of going back to school for some kids.

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Dreamworks Back To School Campaign

2. Take First day Pictures

It’s truly a special feeling to walk your kid to school on the first day, and you may or not be missing out on that milestone due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). A fun “My First Day” sign is a heartfelt way to bring the magic back to this moment and makes the best of memories.

Take First Day Pictures

3. Create a Study Space/Homework Haven

Keep a space that is comfortable for them to work. An ideal homework haven or study space would be one that lets in natural light, has room to move, comfortable seating, and has stationery within reach lets in a lot of light, and also has stationery within reach.


4. Perfect New Lunches

Let their taste buds also feel the taste of something new. Switch up the regular meal plans by adding something new or reinvent the whole lunch plan experience by trying new meals.

Healthy Lunch Box

5. Give Custom Gifts

Custom gifts often have a special power of motivation and inspiration on not so exciting days. You can give special gifts or souvenirs like bookmarks, socks, mousepads, mini hand sanitizers, mousepads, brooches, mugs, e.t.c

Yellow pair of socks

With this 5 tips, we hope that we have been able to convince you that you can have the best back to school yet.