5 Kind of people on Valentine’s day

5 Kind of people on Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is coming. The tension is already in the air. Single People are shaking. Relationship people are already rushing valentine sales and logistics people are already setting up for pressure.

See, we know that valentine is a special day of love but please we would like to make a petition to these 5 people to please rest!

  1. Single and Bitter

Soon and very soon, you will leave the streets you hear


2. The Self Lovers


We absolutely love this people because “Na single you single you no kill person”.


3. Relationship Lover’s

One day, all of us go fine love


4. Ready to Propose

Clearly, going for what you want. How would you feel if it was you?


5. The unbothered

Problem no dey finish so make i try dey enjoy myself


Lol, you can keep on saying all those lies.

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