5 Things Below N100k Everyone Should Own

5 Things Below N100k Everyone Should Own


There are a few things, you should own as a full-grown adult. We’ve created a list of 5 things below N100,000 everyone should own, some of these items made the list because they’re bare necessities, and others because they just make sense. But one thing’s for sure, whether you’re moving into a new apartment or already in one, we’ve got just the right checklist for you.

1. A Laptop

We all know adulating comes with certain responsibilities like having to work or enrolling in a Masters program or taking countless Coursera courses, a laptop is a great tool to own when it comes to being able to ‘adult’ and excel at these things without a lot of hassle.

Our recommendation: Dell Latitude 3440


2.     A smartphone

This is a no brainer. With the advent of social media and how news spread like wildfire (shout out to my Twitter family), having a smartphone is super necessary especially if you want to stay in the loop of things. Every day, technology gives us even more reasons to get a smartphone as newer versions of phones today do more than just calling/texting.

Our recommendation: Samsung Galaxy A31


3.     A Proper Bed and Pillow:

After hustling all day long, you need to come home, take a hot shower and melt into a proper quality bed that anchors your spine and a clean pillow that gives your neck the support it needs. Don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep, it can help you concentrate better and improve your overall mood.


4.     A Fridge

No matter the size, we recommend buying a fridge for your apartment, and here’s why. The average hustling adult has just the weekend to make food in bulk (stews, soups, etc) and these have to be stored somewhere which is where a fridge comes in. A refrigerator can help make give you more time to do other things other than warming your food every single day.

Our recommendation: Hisense Single Door 150L


5.     Basic Appliances and Electronics:

Some things were designed to make life just a little bit more convenient, especially when you’re moving into a new apartment. Things like microwaves, tabletop cookers, blenders, coffee makers, toasters, and even ovens can go a long way to making life easier. Whether you’re an English breakfast lover or pounded yam and Egusi type of person, having some basic appliances can help you make the food you love faster and stress-free.

Our recommendations: Hisense Microwave Oven, Binatone Table Top Glass Gas Cooker, Rite-tek Smoothie Blender SB520, X Touch Coffee Maker 1501, Phillips Two Slides Toaster, LG Gas Cooker Table Top 4 Burners MAXI