5 things you’d be surprised Google Lens could do for you.

5 things you’d be surprised Google Lens could do for you.

In today’s world, it is interesting to know that a picture holds not only a thousand words but many useful details that could help you in your everyday life. And if you have been looking for how to make the best of those details in the moment, this is what Google Lens helps you do.

Before we give you the juice, here’s a little backstory.

Google launched Google Lens on October 4, 2017, and since then the image recognition technology has rolled out to other Android and Apple Devices asides from the Google Pixel phones it began with. Google Lens is available in the Google photos App or Google App on some Devices. It can also be accessed through the standalone Google Lens app available in the app store for Android and iOS.

So, the good news here, is that if you own an Android or Apple Device, you are ready to use google lens .

How does Google Lens work?

Google Lens uses machine learning and image recognition to help you make sense of pictures around you. It identifies the object in the photo and serve up information about it. With the Assistant, Lens can give you that same sort of information just by pointing your phone at an object — no photo required. 

Whatever your eyes — and by extension, your camera — could see, Google could help you make sense of it. Even if you couldn’t describe what you were looking at.

How to use the Google Lens App

  • On your phone, open the Google Photos app
  • Select a photo.
  • Tap Google Lens 
  • Depending on your photo, check the details, take any of the actions listed.

Now that you know this, Let’s explore 5 of our best tricks.

1. Copy text from Real Life and Photos

You can use Google Lens to copy and paste text from real life objects like a home appliance, a car plate number or a physical document like a paper, a book with words on it and then copy that text onto your phone’s clipboard. From there, you can easily paste the text into a Google Doc, a note, an email, a Slack chat, or anywhere else imaginable.

Google Lens App: Select text

Have you ever been at work and needed to copy something from your mobile phone to your computer? Google lens is now at your rescue. All you need to scan the item with the text and when the options come up. select copy to computer. But make sure that you are into your chrome browser on your computer with the same google account on your mobile phone.

2. Scan business cards to your address book

If you often receive business cards, You’d love this one.

Google Lens can be very handy for you because, with it, you can save contacts directly to your address book. All you need to do is use google lens to scan the business card and tap the “add to contact” option that comes up. In the event that there a few number or letter errors, you get a chance to edit before you save.

3. See where to shop your favorite items

Google Lens scanning a blouse to shop

Point the Lens to furniture, dresses, shoes, appliances, gadgets, and décor, and Google will not only pull up shopping location, websites and pricing but also reviews for similar items.

4. Add events to your calendar

Did you see an invitation for an event you would like to attend? A flyer, a billboard, an appointment card?

Scheduling it in your calendar just got simpler. Let Google Lens scan for you and you should see a variety of options for acting on the various data: Chrome (for a URL), Maps (for the address) and, of course, Calendar if there’s a date and time.

5. Translate text in real life

Google Lens App: Send email
Google Lens translating text

Say goodbye to language barriers,  because Google Lens and Translate are here to help. This would come in very handy if you are looking at a manual with a foreign language or if you’re vacationing in a new country and need help reading directions. All you should do is point your camera at the item with the language and watch it translate to the language you would prefer.

Found any of these tips helpful or know any other tips?

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