8 Simple Steps To Shop Laptop On DreamWorks Direct

Shopping for your favourite HP laptop, Acer laptop, Dell laptop, iPhone, Android phone, household appliance, and major consumer electronics has never become this easy. Technology, with artificial intelligence, has made almost our online experience easier, smoother & wonderful.  However, to shop for more trendy tech gadgets like; Imose internet modems, digital watches, sound systems, inverter air conditioners, smart TVs, tablets, generators, and refrigerators, just to mention a few, you’ll need help, to guide you through the website.



The following are steps that’ll guide you through when you’re shopping on the dreamworksdirect.com

1. Search for the item you want to buy on the search space bar

2. Locate the item you need in the search drop-down and filters. We have thousands of products, so choose exactly what you are looking for.

3. Check if it meets the exact specification that you needed on that particular item/product

4. (a) You may need to make use of the ‘Order on WhatsApp’ chat button or put a call through to the customer service department, to discuss all the details of payment, negotiate about the delivery to your location

4. (b) You may need to add one or more items to your wishlist, using the + sign and Click on Add to Cart if you still want to continue shopping or the Buy Now button if you’re checking out to make payment

5. (a) At this stage, you may include your coupon code if you have any by clicking the apply discount button.

5. (b) Fill out the form provided to know to add billing details – name and location, where your item will be shipped to and the payment options available

6. Choose if you are paying through your visa, verve, or master debit card or pay through a direct bank transfer

7. It will pop up the secure payment page. Please note, at this stage, it requires your debit card information (the 16-digit, date of card expiration & the CVV code behind it). Once you are done with that, click on ‘Pay’, then, wait for the prompt OTP (one-time password), sent to your bank alert receiving line. Enter the code and finish your payment stage.

8. By now, your bill of lading or shipment receipt is ready. You can now relax and wait while Dreamworks Logistics services ship your ‘bought’ item(s) to your door-step within reach

Feel free to tell us about your online shopping experience, as your feedback matters to us a lot. And never forget to subscribe on the newsletter page, because this will allow us to send you our new product updates.

Let’s build a standard, secure and professional online Tech-Gadgets shopping on the dreamworksdirect community together!

Happy shopping.