Before you go on, you should know the difference between a used laptop and a recertified one. As the name implies “Used laptops” are usually laptops acquired, used and passed down “as it” while recertified laptops are those whose missing or defective components, e.g. RAM, graphic cards, capacitors, ICs, hard disks etc., ­are replaced and the machine undergoes a complete data wipe. The laptop is then tested, cosmetic defects repaired, and a new OS installed before being packaged for its new home.
So, the following reasons are why you should consider buying a recertified laptop.

Reason One – Price of laptop

Recertified laptops are usually more affordable than a new laptop of that exact model and type with all the functionalities except one, which is usually battery life, of which the distinction wouldn’t be so noticeable in about 8 months’ time of immense use.
Furthermore, overtime recertified laptops have proven to be a great gift to show support and make life, study and business easier for students, business owners and young entrepreneurs.

Reason Two – Warranty [preferably One Year]

A recertified laptop purchase usually comes with an assurance that the seller guarantees the product and perhaps give an amazing policy on returns so you get to test the laptop optimally for blissful usage.

Reason Three – Physical Examination

Usually, when you are acquiring a new boxed laptop, you are allowed to read and know about the specification and other information without actual physical examination. But with a recertified laptop you can examine at will and ask specific questions about that subject laptop and you can then have a full comprehension of the laptop from the cosmetics to the wallpaper of the desktop.

Reason Four – It is usually better than replacing parts in laptop

So, certain parts of a laptop are so expensive that instead of buying and replacing that part with the probability of it not working as well as the original, you can sell what is left of your laptop and add a little cash to get a recertified laptop. A practical illustration is that a motherboard of a solid commercial laptop goes for about 30k, so instead of fixing it, you can just sell your laptop and maybe add 10k to get a specification as good or a little bit less than your sold laptop.

Reason Five- Certification

Laptops are tested by qualified manufacturers or third-party recertified like PC Rebuilders and Recyclers (PCRR) so they look and work like new. So you can always ask if the subject recertified Laptop is certified.

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