How to choose a windows laptop

How to choose a windows laptop

When it comes to picking the right windows laptop, think about what you want to get out of it. Perhaps you’re looking for a powerful system for gaming or other tasks such as video editing. Or you’d rather have something that’s convenient to carry around and can be used for checking emails and simple productivity tasks.

If performance is crucial to you, you’ll want something with high-end components like a fast processor, enough RAM (16 GB is reasonable), and discrete graphics like one of Nvidia’s 3000 series GPUs. If you just need to do simple day-to-day computing, you won’t need anything that is robust at least 8 GB of RAM. While storage space can be expanded through an external SSD.

When it comes to flexibility, consider not only the size and weight of the notebook, but also its battery life (9+ hours of battery life is ideal). 

Laptops come with 13, 15 and 17 inch models. A 13-inch model will probably be your best pick if portability is your top need. If you need to strike a mix between convenience and performance, 15-inch models are a good choice. While 17-inch models are great for those looking for a portable with plenty of power and screen space for multitasking.

Beyond that, think about the connections and features you’ll need. Some laptops only have a few USB-C ports, while others have SD card readers and HDMI ports for connecting to external monitors. Some have security features that you won’t find on every device, such as a fingerprint reader, webcam cover, or Kensington lock.

You’ll be able to get the ideal Windows laptop in no time if you can narrow down what kind of performance, portability, battery life, size, and features you want.

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