How to Maintain Your Washing Machine

How to Maintain Your Washing Machine

Let’s all admit, We all like clean clothes but nobody likes to do the laundry?

Now, imagine how much support the washing machine has been to our households, Isn’t it just the right thing to do to treat it nicely like every member of the household.

Don’t know what to do?

Let’s look at these simple maintenance tips you can try today.

1. Use the right detergent

This is a good reason to read the instruction manual. Depending on your choice of machine, you may need either a regular detergent or machine-specific detergents. The point to remember is the detergent you use must not be too harsh or heavily alkaline in nature, as this will damage both the machine parts and your clothes. Too much soap can leave residue on your clothes and cause excess wear and tear on your washer, and high-efficiency washers require a special, low-sudsing detergent.

2. Wash the washing machine

Your washing machine like any appliance may begin to lose efficiency with time. You may even notice your clothes don’t smell as clean as when the machine was new. Here comes deep- cleaning. Rinse away soap residue and buildup by running a store-bought washing machine cleaner, or a solution of hot water, vinegar and baking soda through an empty load.

3. Leave the Door Open

We bet you did not even know this because you maybe do  not want to damage the hinges, Or maybe even because you think that keeping the door open will build dirt and dust inside the machine.

But hey, What Bruno Mars Said:

Leaving the door open for 15 to 30 minutes removes the moisture and prevents mold and bacteria build up in your machine. This also properly dries up the tub and protects delicate parts from damage caused by moisture. A good way to ensure the inside has no moisture is to wipe it off with a thick dry towel 15-30 minutes after the washing has ended and the leftover moisture has dried somewhat.

4. Keep Checking the Hoses

Check your hoses that there are no cracks or leaks. The hoses are responsible for a smooth flow of water both inwards and outwards of your machine, Make sure the inlets are properly connected to the water source and have no cracks or leaks. This will prevent the wastage of water as well. In addition, do not forget to check the condition of the outlet or drain hose from time to time. Since it takes out the dirty water, lint and micro fabric-particles often build up in the drain filter and block the pipe. In case of such an issue, try to unblock it by calling an expert technician from Dreamworks or completely replace the drain pipe with a new one.

5. Protect the Finish

Remember when we said to treat your washing machine as a member of the household? This includes keeping it New-looking. Come to think of it,  an old washing machine usually does not look good and may even impair the look of the room or the house.

Let’s just say, this is like the skincare of the Washing Machine.

Simply, clean the top and sides of your machine with a glass cleaner so that it does not damage the finish. Maintaining the pre-installed factory finish is the best way you can keep your machine look bright for long. Also, keep machine covered when not in use and do not put any heavy stuff on top. This will prevent scratches from developing.