The 5 Love Languages Guide To A Special Valentine’s Day

No matter how much you rave about all the funny memes, stories, and overdo around Valentine’s day, You’ve just got to give it that it’s the one day that allows us to make the extra effort to show love in an extraordinary special way to our parents, siblings, Friends, CoWorker, best friends, and all special people.

But face it, in a myriad of valentine sales and offers, it can be really confusing what one or maybe two special things they would really like and would make them feel truly loved on this day.

This dear friends is why we bring you the 5 love languages guide to a special Valentine’s Day.

Dr. Gary Chapman, a renowned marriage counselor and author of The Five Love Languages, discovered after years of counseling and research, that everyone “speaks” a primary love language. A love language is a way to express and experience love emotionally, explains Chapman. We feel best-loved when our loved ones know how to speak our love language. We feel frustrated when they don’t.

Now that you have a clue, let’s dive in:

 Receiving Gifts

The person who loves receiving gifts cherishes the gift but even more the love, thoughtfulness, and effort behind the gift. For them, it’s the intentionality that makes them feel special. The hack is to deliberately choose the gifts informed by their likes and dislikes. If you’re on the lookout for gifts, Dreamworks Valentine sales is offering the best discounts on mobile, computing, accessories and lifestyle tech products. You should check our Valentine selection here. 

Give a Gift to that Special Person


The person who enjoys word of affirmation wants to be told that they are loved and it has even more impact when they are told why. So Valentine is a good time to reconnect by letting them know why you continue loving them. Write them a letter or poem and send it in a message or handwritten notes filled in a jar with a cover “Reasons I love You”. Curate and share with them a playlist of songs that fondly remind you of them. If you’re looking to make it any more special, you can shop Dreamworks Valentine gift cards starting from 5k with special love notes.

Send Love Notes Today

Acts of Service

A sure way to the hearts of these people is doing something out of your way to make their lives easier. You can help out on that work project, offer to pick up dinner for a night in or book a laundry service. Just think about what would make one less task on their to-do list.

How can you help them with one less task.

Physical Touch

It means the world to this kind of people how you hug them, hold their hand, rub their back or cuddle on the couch in front of a movie. Luckily, it’s usually an easy win when Quality time and physical touch are combined. 

Hug them a little more and tighter.

Quality Time

When it comes to quality time, this person appreciates how time is spent with them not just the amount of my time. Doing this for valentine means can mean going out for dinner and a movie, going on a road trip, taking a dance class, or joining a painting session. The key is to make them remember how much that time with you meant to them.

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Of Course you can always do one or two more tailored to their unique languages for a memorable Valentine experience. Take the love language test here.