Mother’s Day Gift Starter Pack : The only guide you need

Mother’s Day Gift Starter Pack : The only guide you need

Mother’s Day Gift Starter Pack: The only guide you need

Mother’s Day is here again!!!

We know you want to ask us how many days women will celebrate in a year. 

Dreamworks Direct is here to tell you that women deserve to be celebrated every day of the year.

You can only do so much to appreciate all of the love, support, prayers, advice and so much more that the special woman in your life has given and will continue to give you.

So Dreamworks Direct has curated a gift guide you can choose from with all the reasons why they are the best for her.

  1. Blender: Mothers can make up a range of healthy foods in a flash, including smoothie bowls, healthy milkshakes, healthy desserts, a variety of dips, juice, and pretty much anything else you want. So, a Blender is an excellent choice because it can save Mom time while also helping her health. 
  1. AirFryer: Because Airfryers can cook food using less oil, it can help reduce cholesterol levels. This makes it a very fantastic gift for your mother. With little to no oil, your mom can use the Airfryer for fries, bakes, roasts, and grills, making it ideal for quick, flavorful, and healthful meals. It’s incredibly quick and simple to use. It doesn’t require preheating and is simple to clean. 
  1. Mosquito Repellent Killer: If she has ever complained to you about sleepless nights because of mosquitoes and you got her a net or even the Spray insecticide. Take it up a notch and show that this really concerns you by getting her the Mosquito Repellent Killer. All she needs to do is plug in at night and enjoy her sleep. Happy Mom, Happy Life.
  1. Washing Machines: Save her the pain in the waist every time she sits or bends over for long hours to wash. Plus her high-quality fabrics must be maintained. So gift her Washing Machines and watch her life become easier with more time to relax.

  1. Freezers/Refrigerators : Any reason to save time and relax is appreciated by women anywhere. So think of how much help the Freezers/Refrigerators would be to her knowing that she can preserve food and not always go to the market. Or imagine how much help this would be to her if she runs a cold drinks business or Frozen Food Business.  You cannot go wrong with this, we promise. 
tok these days or sharing funny videos they find online. A good Mobile Phone will give your mom good company and help her connect with you conveniently.  If you are thinking she would not know how to use it, You would be surprised how far a little tutorial will help her.


  1. Hair Dryer: On Mother’s day Salons are great but it is not every time that she wants to dry her hair over there, so Hair Dryers are fancy because it is her personal item and saves her cost.
  1. Amazon Kindle : If your mum loves to read, then you should definitely get her an Amazon Kindle . With a kindle you can download all of her favorite titles and trust that she can read when she pleases.
  1. Powerbank: Her phone will never run out of battery again once she has her personal Powerbank to carry with her anywhere. Imagine how much she would love that especially because there are many power bank options available depending on her phone type.
  1. Smartwatch: These days, Smartwatches are full on medical devices and so they are a great choice of a mothers day gift. With it they can measure their heart rate or check blood oxygen levels and other vitals you need to be aware of.

With this guide, we hope that we have been able to convince you that gifting your mother thoughtful and practical gifts is the best way to appreciate her this Mother’s Day.

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So happy shopping!