Not Just Mirror & Vibes: A Must Read

Must read

A while ago, an Instagram post about how a man involved in an accident was promptly saved because of his smartwatch went viral.must read.

Of course, this good news had comments overflowing with how technology was actually a blessing and not a curse.

We found this story interesting at Dreamworks because we truly believe that owning these gadgets we sell should be an improvement to your lifestyle.

In truth, nobody prays for bad things to happen to them. But, sometimes bad things can happen and they would be out of your control. However, if there’s anything this story teaches us about life in general and about the use of our gadgets, it’s this. We must do the things we can, while we can. It just may help the situation. We should must read.

If you would like to set up your devices, especially your phones, and Smartwatches for emergency situations like this, Delve into this and learn a thing or two.

How to Set up for an Emergency on iPhone

One Last thing…