5 ways you should be protecting your computer from Malware.

5 ways you should be protecting your computer from Malware.
This how close Virus can be to you

Before we delve in, know this:

  1. This laptop and computer can be at risk of virus,es especially with your activities online.
  1. It’s not always easy to determine whether your computer has become infected with a virus, worm, Trojan, or spyware; authors of malicious software do their best to disguise their work. 

Following the above points, you would agree that it is always a good time to take active steps to protect your computer and your data from Malware and viruses so you don’t go through the pains of getting your system clean and safe again. 

Hence, to keep your data safe from an internal malfunction or an external invasion, follow these 5 steps closely:

1. Use a trusted antivirus program:

Antivirus software installed on your device will provide protection from malicious software that poses a threat to the system. It will scan your computer to detect and clean the malware and provide automatic updates to provide enhanced protection against newly created viruses. We recommend Norton, Bullguard and Kaspersky

2. Use a browser for computer common sense:

If you would not walk down a dark and lonely street why do you want to click an unknown or insecure link, why would you even want to download an email attachment from your spam or unknown email? 

Always check that the website that you are visiting has an SSL certificate. You can verify this by looking for the secured icon to the left of the URL (the web address). When a browser, such as Chrome, notifies you that a website is not secure, take action to prevent the entire page from being loaded.

A secured website should have the padlock Icon

3. Keep your Operating system up to date

Your Operating software – apple, windows, and others providers regularly release security patches to deal with potential weaknesses. So be doubly sure that you download and install these OS and Software updates.

Automate your updates.

4. Back up your data frequently:

This is a necessary safety measure to manage your data loss in the event of a malware attack. When you back up regularly, it’s easy to recover your files and data after it has been diagnosed and repaired.

5. Use trusted sources only for your software and apps

Big brands will take great care to ensure they do not damage their reputation by distributing malware. To check the authenticity of a source, you can check the full name, list of published apps, and contact details in the app description within the Google Play or Apple app store.

When you take these basic precautions, you increase your security and ensure that your computer runs as fast as it should.

Does your device show signs that it has been infected?

Dreamworks 360° Service Support has the tools and expertise to get things running clean again. We’ll remove the viruses and spyware. We can also fix operating system issues, including start-up errors and blue screens. 

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