Social Media: Reasons Employees Should Engage Company’s Page

Social Media: Reasons Employees Should Engage Company’s Page

Social media has become one of the most integral parts of our daily life and almost becoming a natural phenomenon for us all. However, employees should be able to navigate freely on social media throughout the day and fully encourage him/herself to follow and share content for the company online. I understand that it’s not easy because of work load & targets placed before everyone, but we should also remember that we need to take our online presence more seriously because, without this, most of our social media campaigns/communications will be low in impact.

Let’s check out the top valuable reason all dreamworks employees should follow & engage our social media pages


  1. It keeps you informed & engaged

By following our news, product posts, trivia & others, you can gain more awareness on all the various activities happening in our various lines of business & available SKUs/Categories. This helps you become engaged in your job (which I can assure you, is great for personal happiness as well) but also help with the internal knowledge of the business itself (whether you belong to distribution, retail, 360-degree services, or e-commerce lines respectively).


  1. You’re actually here to support Dreamworks business & the management

Launching social media for a business is not as easy as it seems. making social media sites successful is also a huge challenge. Following the business on social media not only helps social media managers build the huge online community of the company, it also helps support social media followership boost/traffic, site’s SEO, and the visibility of your website via Google, Bing or on Facebook.


  1. You need to share your enthusiasm with Dreamworks customers

Customers are more likely to trust companies with engaged, dedicated and motivated employees. The key ingredient to enter into success with any customer is enthusiasm. It is crucial to gaining and retaining customers and, most importantly, getting customers to trust in Dreamworks and in you.


  1. Dare to be a role model by demonstrating Dreamworks engagements, online

As it is for the social media manager/management, it’s also the responsibility of the employees to engage with our online community. By demonstrating these engagements towards Dreamworks, you’re gradually becoming a good role model to other colleagues (both old & new). Usually, management plans to reward all loyal & well-engaged employees, who are ultimately good role models.


  1. Dare to make a difference wherever you are:

Finally, yow you have the opportunity and flexibility to support your company business not only offline, but also on social media. Do it with all your hands, heart & mind and fulfill your quota. hence, it would help if you dared to make a positive difference/impact wherever you may be operating, as a Dreamworks employee.



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