Dreamwork works because of you -THANK YOU.

Dreamwork works because of you -THANK YOU.


At Dreamwork, we believe that exceptional customer service is the heart of our success. As we celebrate the Customer Service Week, dreamwork take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation to our valued customers who have been the driving force behind our journey.

DreamWorks celebrates the CUSTOMER SERVICE WEEK with the slogan “The Dream Works Because of You – Thank You”.

Customer Service Week is a time of reflection, recognition, and celebration of the bond we share with our customers. It is a week dedicated to honoring the dedication and hard work of our customer service team, who strive day in and day out to ensure that our customers’ needs are met with utmost care and efficiency.

This year’s Customer Service Week theme is “Customer Care, We’re Always There!” It encapsulates our commitment to being there for our customers at every step of their journey with us. Whether it’s providing assistance, resolving queries, or going the extra mile to exceed expectations, our customer service team takes immense pride in delivering the best possible experience.

Throughout this week, we have planned a series of exciting events and activities to recognize and reward the efforts of our customer service representatives. These activities include team-building exercises, workshops on improving customer interactions, and special recognition awards for outstanding performers.

Our aim is to promote the Vision of Dreamworks as a “the Most Customer-Centric Company where Customer Can get the Best ICT & Lifestyle Products”. Reward & celebrate the most important members of the Dreamworks Team – The Customers as well as boost Customer’s interest in the Dreamworks Brand and remind customers of our commitment to customer satisfaction.


What you tend to benefit during the Customer Week in Dreamwork
Storage devices, Mouse, Keyboard, Laptop backs, Speakers, Car chargers, cables, Home chargers, earphones, power banks e.t.c)
Offer a can of soft drinks to all buying Customers during the week.
A quiz or trivia questions about Dreamworks will be thrown out during the week. 2 winners will be picked from each platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
We look forward to receiving, entertaining and serving you better.