All you need to know about the iPhone 12 series

All you need to know about the iPhone 12 series

Even though Apple launched its trio of iPhone 11 models a mere five months ago in September 2019, the rumor mill is already looking across the horizon and speculating about the upcoming iPhone 12. (We don’t know what the new iPhones’ official names will be — and Apple has not confirmed anything about them – so we’ll go with the iPhone 12 for now).

Curiosity for the iPhone is high enough that rumors for the 2021 iPhones have already begun as well. In addition to perhaps introducing 3D depth-sensing to its rear cameras and new screen sizes for the year’s iPhones, it’s also being speculated that Apple will belatedly include a feature that would make it competitive with its rivals: 5G connectivity. This makes sense considering its main rival, Samsung, launched three new 5G phones, the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra on Feb. 11.

It will be many months until we approach the predicted launch of the iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max in September 2020. There’s also a chance Apple will launch the long-awaited sequel to the iPhone SE (known as either the iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9) earlier in the year too, with some predicting a March Apple event. Until any of that happens though, check back with this piece often as we will continue to update it with the most probable and compelling rumors.

iPhone 11 and 12 could look similar

Every other year, Apple usually makes notable cosmetic changes to its iPhone to freshen up its look, much to the delight of anticipating buyers. But a report by Japanese publication Mac Otakara, citing an unnamed Chinese supplier, reported that the iPhone 12 will look similar to the iPhone 11. The only possible difference, unfortunately, is that the iPhone 12’s edges will be slightly bowed.

iPhone 12 Pro could come in a dark blue

Last year Apple introduced a midnight green color on the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Whether you like the shade or not, the color variant actually sold well compared to expectations. This year there may be a possibility that Apple will launch another new color, navy blue, on the iPhone 12 Pro according to XDA Developer. This would be on trend since blue is both Pantone’s color pick for the new year (“classic blue”) and Shutterstock included “phantom blue” in its color forecast for 2020.

iPhone 12 could have bigger and smaller screens

One of the more enduring rumors about the upcoming iPhones is that Apple may introduce new screen sizes. One of the iPhone 12s could have a 5.4-inch screen (of the current iPhones, the iPhone 11 Pro has the smallest display, which measures 5.8 inches). And the iPhone 2020 Pro Max could go as large as 6.7 inches (for reference, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a 6.5-inch display). 

There’s also speculation that the iPhone 12’s display will have a 120Hz refresh rate. Most phones refresh at 60 frames per second, or 60Hz, but other phones, like the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7 Pro, refresh at 90Hz. The gaming handset the Razer Phone 2 has a 120Hz display as well. With a higher refresh rate, a phone feels faster and smoother when scrolling through things like web pages and apps.