Twitter will now let you post iOS Live Photos as GIFs

Twitter will now let you post iOS Live Photos as GIFs

Live Photos are one of Apple’s signature camera options on iOS, making your photos look like one of the living photographs in Harry Potter. But if you’ve tried to post that Live Photo on Twitter, it would render as a still photo, taking away some of that magic. You could use an app to convert that Live Photo into a GIF and post that new GIF on its own, but that might be more work than you’d want to do.

Starting today, though, Twitter says you can now just post Live Photos as GIFs directly on the platform, no conversion required.

Give the gift of GIFs. You can now upload your iOS Live Photos as GIFs anywhere you upload photos on Twitter.

The feature is pretty easy to use, at least from the Twitter iOS app. When drafting a tweet, select a photo from your camera roll, then tap the “GIF” button in the lower-left corner of the photo in your tweet compose window.

I think Live Photos are really fun, so I hope people use this feature to add a little more life to the photos they post on Twitter. At the very least, this new feature let me give the world another GIF of a goat.