What to check before buying a Used Laptops

What to check before buying a Used Laptops

Buying a used Laptops

Laptops, computers are expensive and so if you want one and have a limited budget, getting a used laptop sounds like a perfect idea.

However, getting a perfectly working laptop at a cheaper cost may come with some factors that are definitely worth checking.

Now just before anything else, know this.

ALWAYS BUY A FULLY FUNCTIONAL LAPTOP. You can find a deal on a laptop that you’ll use for years. Don’t fall for the scam of purchasing a laptop that doesn’t work and then hope that you can get it fixed.

Even so, with a little planning and some careful choices. Let’s break it down.

1)  Inspect the Laptops Body

Check that the laptop Frame is free from cracks and dents. Also, check for missing screws, loose hinges, and any other irregularities. If you find such dents on the laptop, you can expect that the used laptop may have some internal damage. So it is a no-no.

2) Is your Keyboard Complete?

Check for broken keys, and see if you feel comfortable typing with the keyboard. If it has a trackpad, Check what gestures are supported by the trackpad and try them out (such as pinch-to-zoom, two-finger scroll, three-finger swipe, etc.). If mouse keys are present, make sure they’re easy to press. You’re making too many mistakes, it may be best to try out other laptops.

3) Test the Ports and CD/DVD Drive

Try out all the USB ports, headphone jack, Ethernet ports, HDMI, SD card slot, and other available inputs. Many of these are attached directly to the motherboard, which is costly to replace. While CD/DVDs are obsolete, many old laptops still come with a CD/DVD drive. Do also check if it is functional.

4) Check the Screen Condition

The next important step is to make sure the screen is in good working condition. Check for flickering, discoloration, brightness, and bad pixels.

Open a video and see if the viewing angles are wide enough. Compare with other laptops before making a purchase.

5) Check the Battery Health

You may not always be able to perform a thorough battery check in most cases. Still, you can get a rough idea of how long the battery lasts by going into the power management settings of the installed OS to see how much charge the battery can hold and the battery’s health status.

Also, make sure the battery charges properly and doesn’t drain too fast. Otherwise, ask for a discount so you can get a replacement.

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