6 Features to expect from Windows 11 Update.

6 Features to expect from Windows 11 Update.

The announcement of the Windows 11 Update has sure brewed some excitement in the air.

With a fresh new design and a bunch of new features aimed at helping you be more productive, here are a few things you can expect using your laptop or tablet at home or in the office.

1. Windows 10 users will get along quickly.

If you are already a Windows 10 User, no worries. Windows 11 is built on the same core codebase as Windows 10, so while there may be many changes, Microsoft said the experiences would be familiar for users.

Also, Microsoft has said that the windows 11 Upgrade will be available to windows 10 users for free. So long as your PC meets the requirement for the update, you will be able to upgrade just like a regular update.

2. A new, more Mac-like interface.

Windows 11 features a clean design with rounded corners, pastel shades, and a centered Start menu and Taskbar.

3. Better multitasking.

When you’re multitasking on your laptop with a number of open windows. The new OS 11 has you covered with new features called Snap Groups and Snap Layout.

With this feature, Windows 11 allows you to organize your open windows or apps in different layouts on the screen and will save all of those windows in that arrangement.

These are collections of the apps you’re using at once that sit in the Taskbar and can come up or be minimized at the same time for easier task switching. They also let you plug and unplug from a monitor more easily without losing where your open windows are located.

4. Better virtual desktop support.

Windows 11 will let you more easily create separate virtual desktops for each part of your life, and customize them with different wallpapers, so you can create a desktop for personal use, work, school, gaming, or anything else, and easily toggle between them. This is similar to the MacOS virtual desktop feature.

5. Xbox tech for better gaming.

Following the success of its Xbox Business, the Windows 11 brings some improvement to gaming with the Xbox. This includes the Auto HDR system, which automatically enhances the lighting and colors of games.

Windows 11 will be able to load new games faster with DirectStorage technology, and the Xbox app will be built into the operating system allowing for easy access to Game Pass for PC.

6. Android Apps

The windows 11 update markes the first time everybody will be able to download android apps directly to their PC.
Android apps will be in the new Microsoft Store via Amazon’s Appstore.

That means you’ll need to download the Amazon Appstore and sign into or create an Amazon account. Then you’ll be able to access the nearly 500,000 apps available there, as you would on any other platform.

However, you won’t be able to access every Android app found in the Google Play Store.